Dry block calibrators

  • High temperature thermocouple calibration
  • Products range from 100°C  to 1200°C
  • add the blackbody accessory to allow calibration of infrared thermometers
  • portable with aircooling system

multifunction calibrators

  • including dry block & liquid bath
  • products range from -70°C  to 300°C
  • fast response calibration volumes
  • portable & easy to use in industrial sites
  • Suitable for calibrating all types of contact thermometers

calibration bath’s

  • Portable calibration Baths  from -70°C to 250°C
  • can be use in calibration lab’s
  • Suitable for calibrating all types of contact thermometers
  • designed in different volumes

“other features”


This feature is widely used in sub-zero calibrators, high speed in reaching temperatures below zero degrees is very important and our products have this capability for the first time in Iran.


In designing its products, Locrom has also paid attention to the calibration process in industrial sites, which is why most of Locrom products have a light design and are portable.


Sometimes technical limits make it impossible to use a liquid bath’s to calibrate temperature sensors, almost all Locrom calibrators can be used in dryblock and liquid bath modes.


Usually calibration laboratories are looking to buy new equipment to update their equipment and increase the range of their services. locrom calibrators solve this problem and have the ability to update.

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